Citing & Acknowledging DASCH

If you are writing a scholarly manuscript based on DASCH data, you should mention DASCH in the acknowledgments section and cite the relevant DASCH papers.

Suggested Acknowledgment Text

You should acknowledge the NSF grants that have supported DASCH using text of this form:

This work has made use of data provided by Digital Access to a Sky Century @ Harvard (DASCH), which has been partially supported by NSF grants AST-0407380, AST-0909073, and AST-1313370.

Articles to Cite

The principal DASCH citation is Grindlay et al. (2012), Opening the 100-Year Window for Time-Domain Astronomy:

The citation for the DASCH scanner is Simcoe et al. (2006), An ultrahigh-speed digitizer for the Harvard College Observatory astronomical plates:

Thre are two main citations for the DASCH photometry pipeline. The first is Laycock et al. (2010), Digital Access to a Sky Century at Harvard: Initial Photometry and Astrometry:

The second pipeline paper is Tang et al. (2023), Improved Photometry for the DASCH Pipeline:

The DASCH Publications page contains a much more thorough bibliography if you would like to dig deeper into the literature that both describes and builds upon DASCH.