The DASCH Team

The DASCH scanning project is the work of literally hundreds of people over multiple decades. Out of the many people who have devoted their time and energy to the project, the essential contributions of a few deserve special recognition:

Prof. Jonathan (Josh) Grindlay Founder, NSF Principal Investigator
Bob Simcoe Scanner Hardware
Edward Los Scanner Software
Lindsay Smith Zrull Plate Stacks Curator
Alison Doane Plate Stacks Curator

2023 Operations Team

The following people, listed alphabetically by family name, are currently involved in bringing the DASCH project to completion.

Elijah Berk-Silverman Curatorial Assistant
Lisa Bravata Assistant Curator
Autumn Brown Curatorial Assistant
Thom Burns Plate Stacks Curator
Claire Chandler Curatorial Assistant
Elizabeth Coquillette Curatorial Assistant
Ricardo DeLima Research Software Engineer
Katie Frey Interim Head Librarian
Prof. Jonathan (Josh) Grindlay Robert Treat Paine Professor of Practical Astronomy
Sam Imperato Curatorial Assistant
Kevin Jean-Poix Curatorial Assistant
Samantha Joyce Curatorial Assistant
Amy Kushlan Curatorial Assistant
Adam Leibell-McLean Curatorial Assistant
Victoria Lento Curatorial Assistant
Kayleigh MacDonald Curatorial Assistant
Julia McGehean Curatorial Assistant
Samantha Notick Curatorial Assistant
Meta Partenheimer Curatorial Assistant
Purvang Patel HCO Executive Director
Ben Sabath Research Software Engineer
Gav Spano Curatorial Assistant
Peter K. G. Williams Astronomer

Everyone, Alphabetically

Hannah Alpert HCO 2012 Summer Assistant
Olivia Ambo Plate Preparation and Scanning
Marie Anand Plate Preparation and Scanning
Hannah Arabadjis HCO 2014 Summer Intern
Nicolette Archambault Flood Recovery
Adrián Arteaga Plate Preparation and Scanning
Adam Atanas Software
Jeremy Atkins Plate Preparation
Bob Babcock Software
Nick Bealo 2013 Summer Intern
Bruce Berger Software
Elijah Berk-Silverman Curatorial Assistant
Ted Blank Logbook Transcription
John Blomquist Machinist
Heather Borrebach Plate Preparation and Scanning
Daina Bouquin Library Liaison
Lisa Bravata Assistant Curator
Autumn Brown Curatorial Assistant
Kala Brzezinski Plate Preparation and Scanning
Bryan Brzycki Plate Preparation and Scanning
Ellery Buntell 2013 Summer Intern
Thom Burns Plate Stacks Curator
Helena Buschermohl Plate Preparation and Scanning
Tom Calderwood Software
Anne Callahan Plate Preparation and Scanning
Ally Campbell Plate Preparation and Scanning
Kent Chan HCO 2013 Summer Assistant
Klaire Chandler Curatorial Assistant
Preetham Chippada 2012 Summer Intern
Timothy Chung HCO 2013 Summer Assistant
Brian Claus HCO 2011 Summer Assistant
Jamison Cloud Plate Preparation and Scanning
Siena Conti Flood Recovery
Anna Coppelman Flood Recovery
Elizabeth Coquillette Curatorial Assistant
Ryan Cornelius HCO 2014 Summer Intern
Casper Dehnavi Plate Preparation and Scanning
Matthew De La Ossa Engineer
Ricardo DeLima Research Software Engineer
Alison Doane Plate Stacks Curator
Peter Doherty Engineering Consultation
Helen Driscoll Plate Preparation and Scanning
Karen Droz Plate Preparation and Scanning
Kate Edrington Plate Preparation and Scanning
Sandy El Moghazi HCO 2013 Summer Assistant
Omar El Nahas HCO 2014 Summer Intern
Dan Fabricant Engineering Consultation
Eve Fairbanks Plate Preparation and Scanning
James Falese HCO 2012-2014 Summer Intern
Andrew Flesher Plate Preparation and Scanning
Monika Frerk Plate Preparation
Katie Frey Library Liaison
Henri Garrison-Desany HCO 2014 Summer Assistant
Melanie Gibson Logbook Transcription
Vitor Gonzagade Freitas Plate Preparation and Scanning
Carlos Gonzalez Plate Preparation and Scanning
Matthew Gordon Student Volunteer
Chase Green Software
Prof. Jonathan (Josh) Grindlay Founder, NSF Principal Investigator
Monica Haberny Plate Preparation and Scanning
Joan Hagler Plate Scanning
Julia Hardy Plate Scanning
Carl Heinrich Plate Scanning
Brigid Hogan Plate Preparation and Scanning
Melena Hogan Plate Preparation and Scanning
Jeffrey Holman Plate Preparation and Scanning
Bianca Homberg Student Programmer
Steve Homberg Student Programmer
Ramy Imam Lab Assistant/Engineer
Sam Imperato Curatorial Assistant
Sarah Insalaco Plate Preparation and Scanning
Nicholas James Plate Preparation and Scanning
Kevin Jean-Poix Curatorial Assistant
Grace Johnson-DeBaufre Plate Preparation and Scanning
Elaine Joubert Plate Preparation and Scanning
Samantha Joyce Curatorial Assistant
Ray Kenison Plate Scanning
Lauren Klotzman Plate Preparation and Scanning
Amy Kushlan Curatorial Assistant
Shahd Labib HCO 2014 Summer Assistant
Denia Lara Plate Preparation and Scanning
Sarah Lavallee Plate Preparation and Scanning
Silas Laycock Photometry
Adam Leibell-McLean Curatorial Assistant
Victoria Lento Curatorial Assistant
John Leonelli Plate Scanning
Philip Levine Plate Preparation and Scanning
Holly Leung Plate Preparation and Scanning
Edward Los Scanner Software
Tony Lowe Hardware
Kayleigh MacDonald Curatorial Assistant
Esteniol Maitre 2012 Summer Intern
Julia McGehean Curatorial Assistant
Tracy McGinnis HCO - Assistant Curator
Chris Merchantz HCO 2014 Summer Assistant
John Messier Cabinet maker
Ashley Miller Plate Preparation and Scanning
George Miller Graduate Student - Transient Search
Christopher H. Nagle Plate Preparation and Scanning
Samantha Notick Curatorial Assistant
Robert O'Day Plate Scanning
Jim Ostiguy Logbook Transcription Processing
Nathan Pak Plate Preparation and Scanning
Meta Partenheimer Curatorial Assistant
Purvang Patel HCO Executive Office Liaison
Jaime Pepper HCO - Assistant Curator
Hallie Pimperl Plate Preparation and Scanning
Fiona Power Ozyurt curatorial intern
Thomas Rhines HCO 2013/2014/2015 Summer Intern
Alexander Richards Plate Preparation and Scanning
Bill Robinson Software
Ellen Rullo Plate Preparation and Scanning
Jaimie Ryan HCO 2012 Summer Assistant
Ben Sabath Research Software Engineer
Emma Santelmann HCO 2014 Summer Assistant
Mathieu Servillat Photometry
Hannah Sharafian Plate Preparation and scanning
Michael Shaw 2006 Summer Intern
Bob Simcoe Scanner Hardware
Steve Siok Plate Scanning
Alan Sliski Consultant
David Sliski Assistant Curator
Jacob Slutsky Plate Preparation and Scanning
Lindsay Smith Zrull Plate Stacks Curator
Gav Spano Curatorial Assistant
Charles Steinhardt Graduate Student - Database
Lora Stoianova Assistant Curator
Caitlin Stone Plate Preparation and Scanning
Sumin Tang Photometry
Dylan Teague HCO 2013 Summer Assistant
Richard Teague Software
Mollie Tobin Plate Preparation and Scanning
William Toomey Plate Scanning
Alisia True Plate Preparation and Scanning
Phyllis Van Dyne Plate Preparation
Ava Violich Plate Preparation and Scanning
Sarah Ward HCO 2014 Summer Assistant
Bill Weir WPI - Machinist
Tyreke White HCO 2012 Summer Assistant
Peter K. G. Williams 2023 Operations Lead
Caroline Wolinsky Plate Preparation and Scanning
Samantha Wright Plate Preparation and Scanning
Holly Yates Plate Preparation and Scanning
Matthew Young Plate Preparation and Scanning
Emily Zhang HCO 2011 Summer Assistant

We appreciate the efforts of the logbook transcribers at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, the Astronomical League, the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, and through the Smithsonian Transcription Center. The AMNH effort is led by Dr. Michael Shara, Curator, Dept. of Astrophysics, Christine Davis and formerly by Holly Barton. Their team includes the following volunteers: Dave Krystel, Frank Piscitelli, Jane Wolff, Joseph Doherty, Michael Hamburg, Trudy Reitz, and Veronika Lea Kelly . Past contributors are Andrew Epstein, Aryeh Baruch, Barry Chin, Ian McManus, Kenneth Cunningham, Larry Furtsch, Lika Levi, Malcolm McLain, Michael Groysman, Michael Yohe, Nicole Steadman, Peter Lachman, Peter Marsh, Steve Goscinski, and Valerie Thaler.

The top contributors via the Smithsonian Transcription Center website include Mark Phillips, Russell Martin, Dana Boomer, Cindy Wano, Michelle Marshall, Patricia Cox, Mario Marani, Meghan Ferriter, Al Lamperti, Erin Trakel, Angela Reeves, Siobhan Leachman, and a number of anonymous individuals.

Participants from the Astronomical League are Albert Lamperti, Jerry Koenig, Jonathan Wheeler, Jon Wheeler , Mike Hotka, Grady Boyce, Anthony Cao, and Kris Huntler; and from the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston, Nina Craven.


Photomosaic of the 2021 DASCH team, created by Helen Driscoll. Alphabetically: Olivia Ambo, Lisa Bravata, Thom Burns, Elizabeth Coquillette, Helen Driscoll, Chase Green, Josh Grindlay, Sarah Insalaco, Sarah Lavallee, Ed Los, Meta Partenheimer, Hallie Pimperl, Bob Simcoe, Lindsay Smith Zrull, and Sami Wright.


The DASCH team as of May 2019. Left image, top row: Melena Hogan, Sarah Lavallee, Grace Johnson-DeBoufre. Bottom row: Josh Grindlay, Lindsay Smith Zrull, Anne Callahan, Jamison Cloud. Center image: Lindsay Smith Zrull, Meta Partenheimer, Mollie Tobin, Thom Burns, Anne Callahan, Lauren Klotzman. Right image, top row: Ed Los, Matthew De La Ossa, Bob Simcoe, Ray Kenison. Bottom row: Olivia Ambo, Katie Frey, Steve Siok, Jamison Cloud. Not pictured: Alisia True, Caroline Wolinsky, Chase Green, and Helen Driscoll.

Celebration of the 350,000th scanned plate on May 30, 2019. Left image: Helen Driscoll, Anne Callahan, Olivia Ambo, Melena Hogan. Right image: Left to Right: Helen Driscoll, Olivia Ambo, Ed Los, Jamison Cloud, and Melena Hogan.


DASCH team, May 2018. Rooftop Image: Josh Grindlay, Ed Los, Bob Simcoe, Anna Coppelman, Melena Hogan, Tony Lowe, Lindsay Smith Zrull, Anne Callahan, Ray Kenison, Jamison Cloud, Mollie Tobin, Steve Siok and Kala Brzezinski. Image in Stacks: Back row: Tony Lowe, Melena Hogan, Lauren Klotzman, Grace Johnson-DeBaufre, Sarah Lavalee. Front row: Anne Callahan, Monica Haberny, Fiona Powers Ozyurt. Image at Clark Refractor: Olivia Ambo and Alisia True Not pictured: Denia Lara, Chase Green.

Celebration of the 300,000th scanned plate on October 24, 2018. Left image: Helen Driscoll preparing to scan the 300,000th plate. Right image, left to right: Lindsay Smith Zrull, Anne Callahan, Grace Johnson-DeBaufre, and Helen Driscoll. Picture by Lindsay Smith Zrull.


DASCH team, May 2017. Left Image: Bottom to top. Stairway rail: Steve Siok, Mollie Tobin, Anne Callahan, Holly Leung, Phil Levine. Center of stairway: Josh Grindlay, Ally Campbell,Lindsay Smith Zrull, Tony Lowe. Stairway wall: Chase Green, Nicolette Archambault, Ray Kenison, Jamison Cloud, and Edward Los. Right Image: Left to right: Sarah Lavallee, Ellen Rullo, Karen Droz, Jacob Slutsky and Anna Coppelman. Not pictured: Alisia True, Heather Borrebach, Anna Coppelman, Sienna Conti, and Bob Simcoe.

Celebration of the 200,000th scanned plate on September 7, 2017. Left to Right: Jacob Slutsky, Jamison Cloud, Mollie Tobin, Anne Callahan. Picture by Lindsay Smith Zrull.


DASCH team, August 2016. Left to right: Front row: Lindsay Smith, and Marie Anand; rear rows: Richard Teague, Robert Simcoe, Ray Kennison, Steve Siok, Jeffrey Holman, Josh Grindlay, Edward Los, and Christopher H. Nagle.


DASCH scanning team, September 2015. Left to right: Front row: Rami El Adli, Lindsay Smith, Alison Doane, Steve Siok, Robert Simcoe; rear row: Adrián Arteaga, Ray Kennison, Jeffrey Holman, Edward Los and Christopher H. Nagle.

Celebration of the 100,000th scanned plate on April 7, 2015. Left image: Ramy Imam and Lindsay Smith preparing to scan the the 100,000th plate. Right image, front row: Josh Grindlay, Robert Simcoe, Lindsay Smith, Alison Doane; rear row: Ramy Imam, Edward Los, Jessica Mink.


DASCH team gathering, July 2014. Left to right: Robert Simcoe, Edward Los, Ellie Simcoe, Josh Grindlay, Alison Doane, Rami El Adli, Sarah Ward, Chris Merchantz, Shahd Labib, Emma Santelmann, Richard Teague, Lindsay Smith, George Miller, Lora Stoianova, Thomas Rhines, Ray Kennison, David Sliski, and Alan Sliski. Not shown: Steve Siok, Nathan Pak, Jeffrey Holman, Timothy Chung, Henri Garrison-Desany, Ryan Cornelius, James P Falese, Hannah Arabadjis, and Jim Ostiguy.


DASCH team gathering, July 2013. Top row, left to right: Ellie Simcoe, Robert Simcoe, Edward Los, Josh Grindlay, George Miller, Alan Sliski, Ellery Buntell, and David Sliski. Bottom row: Thomas Rhines, Rami El Adli, Kent Chan, Jamie Pepper, and Sandy El Moghazi. Not shown: Tim Chung, James Falese, and Nick Bealo.


The DASCH 2012 summer staff for prepared and scanned over 9,000 plates from June 1 to September 1. Top row: Esteniol Maitre, Ramy El Adli, and Jaimie Ryan. Middle row: Hannah Alpert and Tyreke White. Bottom row: Alison Doane, Jaime Pepper and David Sliski. Not shown: James Falese, Preetham Chippada, and Joan Hagler.


DASCH team meeting in December, 2011. Standing, left to right: Josh Grindlay, Mathieu Servillat, Steve Siok. Seated: Jim Ostiguy, David Sliski, Ray Kennison, Jamie Pepper, Alison Doane, Bob Simcoe, Edward Los, and Sumin Tang.